Undetected PUBG Hack

PlayerUnknowns Battleground Hack

A Packet-Based RADAR Hack for PUBG - PlayerUnknowns Battleground. Never get detected or banned again! Use this RADAR on a 2nd computer or laptop and be 100% safe.

Only DAMNCheaters offer you a truely undetected RADAR for PlayerUnknown's Battleground. Our Network-Based RADAR for PUBG cannot be detected if it doesnt run on the same machine as the game runs. Are you tired of getting banned in PUBG ? Last "Undetected" hack got you banned ? We got the solution for you. Don't waste your money on hacks that will get you banned. Battleye can not detect something that doesn't run on the same computer.

IMPORTANT: Our RADAR utilizes WinPCAP to read the packet-stream between the game and its servers. So the machine it is running on must be able to receive the game packets. To solve this you simply setup a local VPN and connect to it before playing. You can find a detailed 5-minute setup guide for creating a VPN on Windows 10 at our Discord Server. Alternatively ASUS routers can clone packets. *REQUIRES WINDOWS 10 PC!

  • Features
    • 100% undetectable if running on 2nd PC
    • Network-Based
    • Shows all players
    • Shows all vehicles
    • Shows all weapons
    • Shows all items
    • Shows all armor
    • Shows all armor